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www goptions com Interior Design has been one of the most successful aspects of Forbes Art, since being founded back in 1991. The company has been at the front foot of the industry for countless years as a result of the unique skill set that flourishes in the company’s workshop. Allowing Managing Director Richard Farrant to use his creative talents in order to best achieve what has been asked of him by hotel designers is inspiring to watch. Over the years Richard has completed work for a wide range of hotels. Hotels such as: The Goodwood Hotel, Brooklands Hotel, Bovey Castle, The Grand Hotel Jersey, various Hilton Hotels and many more.

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go Richard is fanatical about delivering great customer service and naturally builds a wonderfully close relationship with the Art Directors, that usually manage the designs of each project. Though normally the projects can be long and reasonably daunting every challenge is completed quickly and professionally.


here In order to get in hold with Forbes Art about an upcoming project please take a look at  out our ‘Contact Page’.

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Bovey Castle Hotel – www.boveycastle.com
The Goodwood Hotel – www.goodwood.com
Brookland Hotel – www.brooklandshotel.com
Grand Jersey Hotel – www.handpicked.com